Saturday, July 19, 2008

mein letztes Mal auf Mainau und Codys Ankunft

First off, very exciting new out of St. Louis: my cousin Nicole had her first child: Connor Patrick! So congratulations to Nicole and the whole Halverson family!

A few days ago, several of us used another coupon to take the ferry to Mainau. That was probably my last time there :(

Here's Constance's infamous Imperia statue. She was a prostitute in Constance way back in the day. Among her greatest achievements were sleeping with a king and a pope (the two little people she's holding in her hands). She's huge and rotates 360° every minute. I love Constance.

Lake Constance from the ferry

auf Wiedersehen, Mainau :(

While we were on Mainau we stopped in the chapel there. They have these pseudo-mannerist angels all over the place that I think are probably the ugliest things I've seen here.

The chapel is where a bunch of my German friends and I saw Hamlet performed.

We got another glimpse of a peacock.

sunset over Lake Constance

Then yesterday I went to Zurich to pick up my friend Cody from the airport. We spent most of the day touring the city.

We climbed to the top of Grossmünster and got quite the view.

Cody claims the reason he's not smiling in this photo is because the guy who took it didn't count down, but really I know it's because he already hates Europe so much ;)
(That's Grossmünster in the background.)

Teri, any idea what these are?

Zurich was actually way cooler than I'd expected.

On our way back, we were given bad directions and wound up in the middle of nowhere (i.e., the Swiss equivalent of Byron, called Rafz). This added another hour or so to the return trip.

In evening I ditched Cody (already, I know), because I had an End of the Semester party at my Arabic professor's house in Reichenau, an area of Constance that is also a World Heritage Site. It was a lot of fun: tons of delicious Arabic food, good conversations with friends from class and new acquaintances, and lots of presents! Our class gave my prof a bonsai tree and cards, but he and his wife gave us left-overs (I got four bags full), posters (he's also a pretty famous musician), and I even got a CD and DVD of his latest album, for which I did the English translations.

just a nice snapshot I got of a fountain in Reichenau

While I was in Reichenau, Cody, Kirsten and Chrissy went out to the beer garden on the harbor. I'm pretty sure we both had a blast. And today we're off to Augsburg!

(PS - Also check out Cody's blog.)


sPoOky said...

Hallo Colin!!
You make wondeful pictures from Germany. Maybe you don't know who I am. So I help you a lil bit. "You mustn't go to bed but you can" :-D

I just find your blog by chance and I just want to say "hallo". So I hope you enjoy your stay in Germnay for studyan I wrote you an Email yeterday, but I don't know if you get it.
So maybe we see us again. Either in Germany or in the USA!!

Greets from the
Familie Haase (Hemhofen,GER)

your sincerley
Max Haase

Catherine said...

I'm glad Cody made it there safely, even if he looks grumpy in the photo!
Last trip to Mainau - sad!
Lots of great photos Colin, thanks for posting. I wonder what that one flower is - Teri?
I can't believe it - you have a post from Max! Max, hello!
Now you are off to Augsburg with Cody. Have a wonderful time.
I will miss your blogs, but can't wait to see you again in less than two weeks. Meanwhile, have fun in Augsburg and Croatia.
love you!

Catherine said...

This is for Max! What is your email address? What is your mom's email? It was a great surprise to read your blog post. Say hello to your family!
fondly, Catherine

Paul Halverson said...

Hey Colin, we are all done with our big vacations until Christmas now... but you still have a couple big adventures left! I know you and Cody will have a great time!

Teri E said...

No, I don't know what kind of plant that is! But I love it! It appears it may be one of those carnivorous insect eating plants.

I also love "Imperia"!