Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Split, Hrvatska

Cody and I are in Split, Croatia! It was one giant adventure getting here, and has continued to be a little otherworldly at times, but mainly in a good (or at least humorous) way.

We flew into Dubrovnik and then took a 4-hour bus ride up the coast and through the mountains to Split. On the way, our bus driver (who spoke with me in German - which seems to be more accessible here than English) handed out to all of us what I assumed were hard candies, but turned out to be menthols.


After some searching we found the hostel building on Sonjska Ulica (yes, that's a j in the middle of that word) and lugged our bags up three flights of stairs only to be dragged about fifteen minutes to another area of town in which our actual room is. It turns out we're living in a room in this young woman's apartment. Barbie, as we've affectionately come to call her, speaks about ten words in English to add to her zero words in German and Russian. This is the first time in years I've been in a country where I speak nothing of the language, and that kind of sucks.

After dumping our stuff, we wandered to the seafront and had pizza.

Today we wandered around. It turns out we're living inside Roman emperor Diocletian's Palace (Dioklecijanova palača), which is really cool. We're also only a few minutes from the Adriatic Sea. The area is really pretty posh.

the seafront in the day

the marina

more of Diocletian's Palace

Tomorrow we head back to Dubrovnik, where we'll spend the next four days!


Catherine said...

Good morning! I was looking forward to photos from Split
Yes it does look really pretty. Is it clean? It looks clean. How much of Diocletian's palace have you seen? How much is in ruins? Did you get good photos?
So, your apartment is within the boundaries of where the palace was?
The seaside photos look beautiful.
Interesting that you are in a private home!
Are you picking up any Croatian?
I am excited to see photos of Dubrovnik - you have wanted to see Dubrovnik for quite awhile, and I remember you used to have a photo of Dubrovnik for your screensaver
So that will be exciting to actually be there!
Say hello to Cody!
love ya

Karl said...

Hi Colin & Cody!
Wow- you do get around! I hope someday to meet our relatives in Augsburg. Augsburg looks especially beautiful. And now Croatia! It looks great too- also a very pretty area.
Great you did so well on your finals for school. All that travel and you still aced your tests! Pretty incredible, Colin.
Keep posting! Your blog is always a fascinating read.

Paul Halverson said...

Wow - staying in Diocletian's palace - that's pretty amazing. Beautiful pictures as usual - looks like a lot of fun. How does Croatia compare to the other countries you've visited?

Catherine said...

Colin and Cody, when does your flight come in on the 31st?
Can't wait to see you!
love you

Pat McCarthy said...

Hi Colin and Cody, Great blog again.
I have some friends at church (St Therese) who are familiar with Dubrovnik, have talked about it and their time there. Can hardly wait till I tell them you were there!

That beautiful purple vine looks like it might be bouganvillia, such as the one in my front yard. Mine comes in "San Diego Red", but I know there are purple ones...gorgeous.

Such interesting places you are staying, Diocletian's palace, who would have figured that one! The language there is Croatian acc to what Catherine wrote...what is that similar to, anything you've come across?

Best wishes for continued good times, Love, Gr Pat

Teri E said...

I expected Croatia to be less beautiful and less prosperous due to all the tensions in the general area.
Nice to see it looking so lovely!

sPoOky said...

THIS IS FPR Catherine!!!

So my email is The email of my family is! So I was glad to hear and read from you, too! It's so a long time we meet the last time.
This is the first step to stay in contact!
I read you graduated (I don't know if I write it correct :-D ). All the best wishes to you!

Yor Max

Catherine said...

Hey Max, this is for you! I emailed you and your family. It is SO nice to hear from you. I will wait for a response. Hope you are all fine! Catherine

Hey Colin, I hope you and Cody are doing great. How is Dubrovnik? What time is your flight on the 31st? Can't wait to see you, world traveler! love you!