Friday, August 1, 2008

recap of a life unterwegs

As promised, my fifteen favorite photos I haven't posted yet and:

a map of all the places I went (excluding the US). In dark green are the countries I went to over the semester, in red are the specific cities, and in brown are the countries I've been to before.

Constance, March
gravestone of a Jewish soldier from WWI who died fürs Vaterland (for the fatherland)
ironic, seeing as what would happen a few years later

Berlin, April
Jewish memorial

Berlin, April
Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

Moscow, April
That disgusting statue of Peter the Great towers over Christ the Savior, one of the most beautiful churches ever.

Cairo, May
An odd statue stands in front of skyscrapers. No one knows what the statue means anymore, tho, as the lettering at its base was rubbed off.

Cairo, May
Red sails on the Nile stand out in the smoggy evening.

Luxor, May
statue of a pharaoh towards sunset

Radolfzell, May
Birds fly over the Naturschutzgebiet on Lake Constance.

Augsburg, June
sea green and yellow light

Augsburg, June
near the entrance to an art museum

Montreux (Switzerland), June
A cruise boat crosses Lake Geneva in front of the Alps.

Zurich, June
The captains of Europe's EM 2008 teams dwarf visitors in the Hauptbahnhof.

Oslo, June

Dubrovnik (Croatia), July
Where's the Cheshire cat?

Constance, July
I pose for the first and only time with those weird blue statues in front of the university.

So in closing, thank you for reading, thank you for all of your comments, and I hope you enjoyed. I know I did ;)


Catherine said...

What beautiful, interesting photos.
It is wonderful to have you home Colin.
You made memories for a lifetime; you will have many more. Someday that map will be all green!
And all the wonderful people you met along the way, too. Incredible.
love you!

Karl said...

Thanks again for all of the posts and photos, Colin. It was great to be able to follow along on your travels!

Qst- the soccer giants in Zurich- were they inflatables? How were they constructed? Any idea of materials etc? From a display standpoint, I was curious... not that there aren't several other photos that I preferred much more aesthetically, but was curious if you had any idea on how those guys were produced?

Can you continue to blog about your favorite experiences that you didn't have time to cover on the trip? I don't want it to end!

rolf egenberger said...

Start immediately your next plannings. I would be very pleased to see you with a totally green globe (except the blue water)
As I can see from the comments of my co-readers they think all the same.

Question: if you write new blogs do you use a new address? Please let me know, I do not want to miss a word

Pat McCarthy said...

Colin! I'm going to use words that everyone else has already used. I didn't even want this last group of photos to end. VERY interesting, some arouse curiousity, some strange feelings, and it is hard to pick a fav. I guess the pic of the map was the most fun, for me. The red/white check was very clever. If you ever could manage it, I'm also asking, as everyone did, could you possibly go along from wherever you are, with a new blog? Last year of St Olaf coming up! Much love, Gr Pat

Teri E said...

Those were GREAT!! I especially like the red sails on the Nile.

And I have to agree with everyone else, keep us up to date either with further posts to this blog, or a new one, or emails! You did a fantastic job!

grandma mary said...

Thanks much for taking me on a wonderful trip and so many great pictures. My favorite is the cruise ship on Geneva.
It's good to know you are safely home again.
Love, Grandma Mary

Paul Halverson said...

Colin - I am so very proud of you - I think you really took the maximum advantage of a wonderful opportunity!
I have followed your travels religiously - even going back over the entire blog several times!
You should check to see if there is some way to save the entire blog on a DVD - this is truly a keep-for-ever!
Thanks again for providing hours of compelling entertainment!

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