Monday, July 28, 2008

sich verabschieden

The tropical night clung to my skin in beads of sweat and condensation. Their spears pierced me on all sides, and I laid bloodied and exhausted in the dark. They spun, drummed, and screamed their mad dance around me. They built mounds of flesh as monuments to their savage lust. I prayed for an end to the brutality, but there came not a hint of remission. And as the red sun rose past my sleepless, shuddering eyelids, I knew this was the end. Smack! I left another blood-stain on the wall. God knows I will not miss the mosquitoes.

Well everyone, that's the end of my trip. I leave tomorrow morning from Zurich and get in directly to Rochester. This, however, will not be my last post. Once I'm home I promise you one final entry with my 15 favorite photos from my time abroad that I for various reasons wasn't able to post earlier.

also bis bald!


Catherine said...

Have a safe flight
Welcome home
Can't wait to see you in two days
love you!
PS we have mosquitoes here, too, but we have things like screens and air conditioning!

Pat McCarthy said...

Quite a buggy blog, Colin! I was so pleased that you ARE going to write again, after you are home. Know I'm going to miss these marvelous photos from afar, and your clever comments!
Am praying for your safe flight home.
Lots of love, Gr Pat

rolf egenberger said...

It is good that I am a bit older so I have time to learn. At least I managed to join the blogger-family and so I am able to send my comments via this way.

I wnated to say that the Raisers and I are very keen to see your reports and hope you will continue very soon.

it was nice to have you and the family over here and we hope you all come back soon. there is still so much to see and to here.

for now all the best and a good start for your further studies at St. Olafs.