Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ein Ende für die Klausurzeit, Gott sei Dank

Hello Leute! I haven't done much the last week other than write papers and study for exams. Luckily, however, the weather up until yesterday was also has been kind of dreary. Most of last week it rained and was in the low 70s, so I didn't have to look out the window and say to myself, "Why aren't I at the beach?"

rainy day in the natural lands

Over the weekend I went to a play on Friday (which was really bad) and to this music festival thing in Neuwerk with a bunch of German friends on Saturday. On Sunday I literally worked on a paper all day.

Then today I got my first grade back. I got a 2.3 in Russian, which is probably equivalent to a B+, but it was actually the highest grade in the class, so I'm thinking I did really well anyway. Plus that class was insanely hard, and I was one of the few (about 40% of the class) who didn't speak Russian at home with their family (most of my fellow students have Russian parents, you know).

Well, that's truthfully about all I have to say. Hope everyone's having fun at the family reunion, and for those of you who aren't at the reunion (like me), I hope you're having fun, too.

Oh, and Cody's coming in less than 3 days!


Paul Halverson said...

hey Colin, congrats on that Russian final. I bet it is good to have the exams and papers behind you. Now you can relax - well, sort of. I know you have end-of-residency paperwork to do, close out accounts and such.
But once that is done (today?) you can relax. Cody will be there tomorrow (Hi Cody!) and off you go again.
Greet the relatives in Augsburg, have a wonderful trip to Croatia.
Then back to Konstanz to say good-bye.
We miss you here at the lake. We have had a great week. We will pack up and leave tomorrow morning. It all goes so fast.
Much love!!

Paul Halverson said...

Congratulations on the russian final! Hope the rest go/went as well! Say Hi to the Augsburgers and have fun in Croatia (really looking forward to your blog from there!) Can't wait til you are home though - we're getting anxious to see you again.

grandma mary said...

I am a great grandmother! Connor Patrick was born yesterday afternoon. He's 8 lb 4oz, a nice healthy size. All are well.As usual, you are doing very well on your tests. Congrats.
I'm in the prosess of moving (again?) but just down to second floor into a newly decorated apt. I had a flood in my apt and the carpet in the bedroon was ruined.
Love, Grandma Mary